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These apps offer proven strategies to help you relax and cope with everyday challenges


Calm: offers guided meditation, relaxing music and sounds for sleep, videos on mindful movement, and images of nature

COVID Coach: provides education about coping during the pandemic, self-care tools, and mood trackers


Headspace: simple and easy-to-use guided meditations


ReColor: virtual coloring books for all ages and skill-levels


#SelfCare: helps you decompress by creating a “self-care sanctuary” while engaging in meaningful and calming activities



Meditation is simple and readily available to everyone, anywhere. It is proven to help reduce stress, foster calmness and clarity, and promote overall happiness


RAIN Meditation: a guided meditation to help you deal with difficult emotions

Guided Meditations: listen online or download HERE

How to Meditate: more information on the many benefits of meditation

Music & Nature Sounds

Music and nature sounds are known to evoke powerful emotions, and offer an easy way to positively impact your mood and decrease stress.


Calmsound: A soothing nature soundscape for when you can't readily experience the great outdoors

Interactive Activities

These exercises will provide a sense of calm and improve overall mood


Breathe Bubble: 30-second breathing exercise


Self-Care Assessment Guide: gauge your feelings and get helpful tips with this interactive flowchart


4-7-8 Breathing Exercise: helpful for anxiety/stress

Relaxation Strategies

Some tips and tools to help you relieve day-to-day stress and inner-tension


Body Scan: a good way to release tension you might not even know you have


Box Breathing: rhythmic breathing that helps you de-stress


Guided Imagery: 15-minute guided meditation


Progressive Muscle Relaxation: reduces stress and anxiety by having you slowly tense and relax each muscle

Grounding Exercises

Grounding helps keep someone in the present instead of dissociating, daydreaming, becoming distracted, or shutting down.


Introduction to Grounding: free course by Therapy in a Nutshell


How to Use Grounding techniques: an intro video

Sensory Grounding Exercises: use your senses for these simple activities

Self Compassion

Self-compassion is essential to overall well-being. Self-compassion is kind of like giving yourself permission to provide yourself with the *same* care and kindness that you would provide your best friend or the person you love the most. These resources will help you learn more about self-compassion and ways to love and be patient with yourself


Self-Compassion Workbook


Self-Compassion Focussed Meditations

Additional Recorded Meditations

These meditations are intended to guide to a place of internal reflection, calm, and intention. Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit where you feel a sense of comfort such as a place in your home, the gym, a place of worship, or a peace place in the outdoors. Listen to these meditations once a day or as often as you like with or without headphones. As long as you are focused on the intention of the guided meditation and your internal reflections of the intentions, you will experience the effect of internalizing the ideas expressed. As you repeat these guided meditations, eventually, you can try to say these meditations to yourself as if you are the teacher.


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